In 1974, when I decided to establish UNIT, my dream was to build a vehicle to carry me and my team through the tunnel of time to reach not only the essence of the economic realities of the world, but also to enrich our cultural portfolio in communicating with various cultures without any geographical or political preference, while participating and contributing in their relentless efforts to reach higher standards for their people.

Having set these objectives, UNIT has been active not only in calm waters of the world of developed countries, but also in strictly state controlled markets of the Communist era (prior to 1991), as well as on the moving sands of Middle East, with hard players such as Libya in 1970s, in Iran after the 1979 revolution, in Anwar Esad’s Egypt, Turkey before and after the 1980 Coup d’ Etat, and also in far east with giants like China, Japan and South Korea. We have formed joint ventures, partnerships and gone from simple trading activities to the more complicated barter and swap deals to find the most convenient “sur mesure” formula to satisfy the needs of each specific market. In this voyage to the future, we have gone through, and experienced difficult times, crisis, bankrupt governments, wars, revolutions, and even some natural disasters as well as success.

The years after 1990, UNIT was no longer only a Project Development Company, but also a credible investor group in the Energy Sector. For UNIT the basic principle was
“The Continuous Change”.

We have tried to keep our minds always young and open to the new opportunities, systems, methods and technologies, only to follow closely the changing realities of the world but also to comply with them in a timely manner. In this sense I believe UNIT is a very young company. Our primary and most important task is to keep it always fit and ready to sail with our partners on win- win basis as we have been doing for the last three decades.

Unal Aysal
UNIT Chairman

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